How Can You Become “College Ready?”

Higher education is an important part of taking control of your destiny. You might hear people talk about becoming “college ready.” What does that mean?

Becoming ready for college is about more than getting good grades in English and Math (but that's important too!). You're working on becoming college ready whenever you challenge yourself in your classes and set aside time to study. Managing the money you earn from a job helps you become college ready. So does building your technical skills.

What are you already doing to become college ready? The good news is that this isn't something you do all at once. It's a process, and there are things you can do every day to get there. Here are just a few steps you can take now to prepare for college and create the future of your dreams.

  • Become familiar with academic standards for college. What is expected from college-bound, career-oriented students?
  • Set up an appointment with your school counselor. Together, develop a plan to meet your college and career goals.
  • Participate in extracurricular activities. You might play a sport, join a school club, volunteer, or get a job. These activities can help develop skills such as teamwork that will help you in college and a career. Remember, showing commitment to the activities you choose is more important than trying to build a big list.
  • Also, be sure to check out some of the great resources listed below.


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  • Is This a Career for Me?

    This graphic organizer helps you connect your interests and abilities with careers you’re exploring.

    (88.94 KB, pdf)
  • It Does Not Define You

    Emilie Hill, Science Educator: When something bad happens, it can shape you and your world, but it does not define you. Download and print this free motivational 8" x 8" 300 dpi mini-poster.
    (2.55 MB, pdf)
  • Math Opens Doors

    Jacquelyn Sims, Mathematician: Math opens doors. If you can do math, you can do well in any other subject. Download and print this free motivational 8" x 8" 300 dpi mini-poster.
    (2.61 MB, pdf)
  • Nothing is Impossible

    Tipsy Talwar, Sales Trader: Nothing is impossible, and don't let anyone tell you any other way. Download and print this free motivational 8" x 8" 300 dpi mini-poster.
    (1.99 MB, pdf)
  • Positively Empowered Certificate

    Complete 10 Empowerment Lessons to earn this certificate. Decorate a star for each Empowerment topic you explore. Write the video topic on the line.

    (539.95 KB, pdf)
  • Say Yes!

    Stephanie Troncoso, Animator: If someone tells you no and quiet down, say yes and be louder! Download and print this free motivational 8" x 8" 300 dpi mini-poster.
    (2.15 MB, pdf)
  • Smart About STEM Certificate

    Explore 10 STEM careers to earn this certificate. Set a goal of exploring careers in each STEM area: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.
    (570.16 KB, pdf)
  • You Can Do Anything – Create Your Own Mini-Poster

    Add your photo in the middle and add quotes from our role models to create a mini-poster that will inspire and motivate you to dream big and achieve your goals. Download and print this free 8" x 8" 300 dpi mini-poster.
    (245.29 KB, pdf)

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