Special features from Career Girls and our Community!

  • What is a Bullet Journal?
    Make your own personalized bullet journal with help from the Career Girls Team!
  • LA Gives Back - How to be an Empowered Girl
    What do the amazing women we interviewed at YouTube Space LA production studios in Los Angeles think?
  • Atlanta Gives Back
    Hear what the women from our Atlanta video shoot want you to know.
  • Africa Gives Back
    15 Role models from 15 different African Country sharing things that girls need to know to.
  • Preparing for College?
    There is one task, though, that I have been dreading since Spring of junior year. What, you may ask, is this onerous task? I have just three words: applying for college.
  • Finding My Place in STEM
    Archika, from Seattle, WA share her experience at her first STEM camp where she was the only girl.
  • Letter to My Younger Self
    Dr Karen Hypolite shares what she would have liked to share with her younger self...
  • Girls Making EDM Music
    I was introduced to technology at a young age and my love for computers expanded into making computer-generated music…
  • how to make marshmallows
    Experiment in the kitchen
    Pastry Chef Mellisa Root shares how you and your friends can make marshmallows at home.
  • White Dove Girls School in Rwanda
    Career Girls spends an incredible day with students and faculty of the White Dove School in Kigali, Rwanda...
  • Advice for Your 30 Year Old Self?
    Sometimes adults could use some advice to find their path, too. Hear what these girls would put in a time capsule!
  • Are You Looking for Courage?
    Isobel, from Dublin, Ireland shares how she shed her fears and found her path...

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