Career-Based Empowerment Lessons

What is your passion? What are you good at? Whether you think you want to be a fashion designer, a filmmaker, an engineer, or something else, these are two questions you might ask yourself when you think about a career. Watch our role models to learn more.


  • Career Connections Certificate

    Explore 10 different careers to complete this certificate. Decorate a star for each career area you explore.

    (546.35 KB, pdf)
  • College Terms to Know

    Download this for a printer-friendly version of college terms for your students to become familiar with.
    (135.61 KB, pdf)
  • Positively Empowered Certificate

    Complete 10 Empowerment Lessons to earn this certificate. Decorate a star for each Empowerment topic you explore. Write the video topic on the line.

    (539.95 KB, pdf)
  • Smart About STEM Certificate

    Explore 10 STEM careers to earn this certificate. Set a goal of exploring careers in each STEM area: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.
    (570.16 KB, pdf)
  • You Can Do Anything – Create Your Own Mini-Poster

    Add your photo in the middle and add quotes from our role models to create a mini-poster that will inspire and motivate you to dream big and achieve your goals. Download and print this free 8" x 8" 300 dpi mini-poster.
    (245.29 KB, pdf)

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