Empowerment Activity – Integrity Bingo

Topic/Theme: Integrity
Video: Importance of Integrity


  • Integrity Bingo sheet
  • Bingo cover chips
  • Number cutouts from 1-28

Activity Instructions:

After watching the video Importance of Integrity, hand out the Integrity Bingo sheet to each student. Ask them to fill in each box beginning with the numbers of their favorite integrity examples. Place the number cutouts into a cup, bag, or envelope and randomly pick numbers until someone calls out BINGO. The goal is to cover 5 squares in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row. When a student gets a row of 5 they can call out BINGO.

Have the winning student read their numbers to you to make sure they are correct.

Activity Discussion:

  • After the winner reads their numbers, have them choose one of the examples from their bingo sheet and provide an example of when they acted with integrity.
  • Ask others in the group to share their favorite example of integrity and to provide an example of when they acted with integrity.

integrity bingo empowerment activity

(Download printable PDF of board and numbers)

integrity bingo empowerment activity


Integrity Bingo Numbers Board


Downloadable/Printable PDF