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Career Girls Virtual Camps

Your support will allow us to continue our free Virtual Camp programs to close the Imagination Gap for girls worldwide. Visit our Global Giving fundraising page to learn more and find out how you can help.

Watch the video to see the magic of the Career Girls Virtual Camps. Enjoy highlights from the 2022 AI, Machine Learning, and Robotics Virtual Camp!

Global Giving Fundraising Page

Project Summary

Your donation will help us close the Imagination Gap and reach our goal of welcoming more girls to our 6 Virtual Camps planned for 2023, as well as expanding our in-person Career Girls Clubs to new schools in the SF Bay Area and Washington D.C. Metro Area.

The Challenge

Women, especially BIPOC women (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), are underrepresented in science, technology, and entrepreneurship. In our society, the "Imagination Gap" - the difference between career choices that girls imagine for themselves and the range of careers actually available for them to pursue based on their interests - is still too common. Girls, particularly BIPOC girls, may not see themselves in higher-paying jobs in the future; they may not know that careers even exist.

Our Solution

Career Girls' programming proves that empowering girls with access to diverse and accomplished women role models is essential for opening up their worlds to new career possibilities in the future. Our guiding principle for our programs is that every girl who attends sees herself in one of the role models, learns from her experiences, and discovers her own path to empowerment. With your help, we are building the next generation of environmental scientists, roboticists, CEOs, and more.

Long-Term Impact

This project directly enhances girls' opportunities to enter the workforce in critical industries. The results are higher incomes, higher living standards for women and their families, and stronger, more inclusive solutions to address critical challenges facing our world.

Here's What Girls Had To Say:

"What I like the most was seeing so many role models who look just like me thrive in careers where they are just as smart and persistent and are just as acclaimed and praised as the men beside them. The role models were just so inspiring."

"Thank you to all of the role models for taking the time out of your day to join us at the Career Girls AI Summer Camp!"

"It was so interesting to see how cool, helpful and powerful AI can be with creative ideas."

"I loved them all! Every presenter talked about their jobs as if it were the best thing that has ever occurred to them!"

"I enjoyed getting to learn about some of my favorite subjects with so many girls just like me. Especially when we used the Sphero Mini Robot. That was fun to learn about and play with."

"My favorite part was meeting new role models every day, learning about their jobs and their journey, being able to ask them questions."

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