Ann Wong

Ann Wong

Ann is motivated by challenges, whether that's preparing for a debate tournament or keeping her Snapstreaks going.

Favorite videos:

1. Psychologist: How to Feel Better- Satira Streeter

2. Biostatistician: Advice- Tara Maddala Career Girls

3. Civil Engineer: Staying Motivated- Jameelah Muhammad

4. STEM Activist: Did It Anyways- Violeta Garcia

5. Scientist: Staying Motivated- Jameelah Aziz



Three things I have learned from Career Girls: “One, that women can do anything, two, never give up and three, we are strong, intelligent and we have the power to change the world by working in the fields that we are passionate about.” – Isobel, Student

“I really believe that people are all planted with the seed of I am here to do something great.” – Claudia Rinaldi, Career Girls Role Model