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Q&A: Computer Science Major – Jolie U (2:36)

“My major is computer science. And I chose it because ever since I was a little kid, I was always interested in making video games and programming. And it’s really rewarding when you finally can solve the problem that you’ve been trying to solve. And just playing is really fun.”

Why College

You should go to college because it’s really helpful for the rest of your life. It sets you on the right pathway to fulfilling your dreams or your goals.

Why Computer Science

You should choose computer science because it’s, like I said, really rewarding when you finally solve the problem that you’re trying to solve. And it also makes you think critically a lot. So it’s really good for your critical thinking. And it helps you build your network.

Paying for College

Don’t let financial burdens be the reason that you don’t go to college because college is worth it. There are plenty of resources out there like submit your FAFSA. You probably heard that 1,000 times, but it’s true. Submit your FAFSA. FAFSA is federal grant money to help you pay for college. You can do federal work study. You can get grants, scholarships, do your research on the colleges.

Study Tips

I would definitely look around on campus because there are a lot of resources. There’s a lot of tutoring around, especially if you have trouble in math. I go there all the time in the MBA building, lots of math tutoring. There’s a Mesa Center. There are a lot of programs you can join. And if you’re studying at home, just make sure that it’s quiet – you’re focused – so you don’t get distracted. But don’t work for too long at one time because it’s really unhealthy.

Freshman Survival Tips

To survive your first year of college, you definitely don’t want to procrastinate because the next thing you know, your paper is going to be due the next day, and you’re going to be freaking out. So do your stuff early because then you’ll thank yourself later. You should make group chats, meet people, then you can feed off of each other. Group study rooms, there’s many group study rooms everywhere. If you want to meet people, there is club day. There are lots of clubs on campus. You can go online. On the website, there’s a list of the clubs. Ask people. Meet people. There’s counseling, student government. Don’t be shy. I’m sure a lot of the people, it’s also their first year. So just reach out to people.

Advice for Girls

I just want you to know that you’re beautiful and you’re successful. And don’t believe anyone that tells you that, “You’re not going to go to college. You can’t go to college. You can’t fulfill that dream. You’re not smart enough.” Be the one to challenge that and show them that, “I really can do it.”

Last Words

Be imaginative.