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Girls Need Your Help Today

When you support Career Girls, please know that you’re building brighter futures for the next generation of leaders, and for us all. Through Virtual Camps, videos, and Empowerment Lessons, we’re pairing powerful stories from diverse role models with career exploration resources to show girls what is possible and help them reach their goals.

Here's what girls are saying:

"I learned to not be afraid to go out there and really achieve your dream no matter the amount of time. You are your best investment."

"After today’s event, I am going to take more risks and be more confident about my choices."

"Whenever I come here, I forget about all this negativity, and get filled by positivity and knowledge."

"The women on this channel have taught me three important things: One, that women can do anything, two, never give up and three, we are strong, intelligent and we have the power to change the world by working in the fields that we are passionate about."

"What I like the most was seeing so many role models who look just like me thrive in careers where they are just as smart and persistent and are just as acclaimed and praised as the men beside them. The role models were just so inspiring."