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The 2023 Career Girls Awards Winners

Career Girls is proud to announce the winners of the Career Girls Awards on the International Day of the Girl Child — a day that calls attention to the issues that matter to the well-being and advancement of girls. 

As part of its mission to amplify the voices of diverse and accomplished female role models, the Career Girls Awards honors women who are making a difference in their respective communities and fields. 

As leaders in recognizing, empowering, and supporting women role models and mentors, Career Girls asked their esteemed Girls Advisory Board members to invite women leaders to serve on a Blue Ribbon Panel. The 2023 Award nominees chosen by their peers on the Blue Ribbon Panel and the Girls Advisory Board are our unsung heroes who give back, share their wealth of wisdom with others, and show girls what is possible to achieve in life. 

Special thanks to our Blue Ribbon Panel members for serving on the panel and identifying the phenomenal group of 2023 Award nominees. Let’s meet our Blue Ribbon Panel:

Blue Ribbon Panel

We also want to thank and highlight each of our Girls Advisory Board members:

Girls Advisory Board