My advice to girls: "Be the change you want to see! Be bold, be confident, and when self doubt arises to challenge your worth, know that you are enough. Your presence, your thoughts, your creativity is needed to leave places better than you found them. Keep dreaming and walking in your purpose."

Changemaker Award: A person committed to bringing about positive social change.

Heather Ratcliffe has worked for 2 decades in the technology field, holding several executive roles.  She is a servant leader, dedicating herself to the pursuit of gender and racial equity. She is committed to using her voice to advocate for diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environments.

Heather’s passion is bridging technology and diversity through mentorship and sponsorship.  She is a founding member of Black Women in STEM, an organization dedicated to supporting, promoting, and inspiring women and girls in STEM careers, while serving on the following boards, University of Washington, Foster School of Business, Inclusive Product Management Center and iUrban Teen. 

Heather’s mantra in life - If serving is below you, leadership is beyond you.