Measuring Impact

Closing the Imagination Gap. The “Imagination Gap” – the difference between career choices that girls imagine for themselves and the range of careers actually available for them to pursue based on their interests – is still too common. Girls, particularly BIPOC girls, may not see themselves in higher paying jobs of the future, such as STEM. They may not know that particular careers even exist. Learn more in our 2022 Annual Impact Report.

Imagination Index graph Career Girls measurement and evaluation graph

The Imagination Index™

Career Girls has created the Imagination Index, an evaluation tool that measures how Career Girls programming is shaping career and leadership aspirations of girls around the world.

The Imagination Index consists of a weighted combination of indicators that provides a quantitative basis for assessing the impact of the Career Girls program on near-term outcomes of girls’ lives, across two dimensions: career and self. The career dimension measures career exploration and goals of girls. The self dimension measures their decision-making abilities, curiosity, and leadership potential.

Girls have shown an 18% increase from the measurement of these two dimensions after participating in Career Girls programming when using the Imagination Index evaluation tool.

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