The Road To Empowerment Begins With Education

Do you know an aspiring astronaut, architect, or actor? How about a girl who dreams of being a surgeon, a software developer, or a dentist, or wonders what it might be like to be a firefighter, a forensic scientist, or a federal judge?

Girls need to start early building skills for their future careers. But many girls lack access to role models who can inspire them to imagine all that they can achieve — from academic success to amazing careers.

Career Girls role models add a real life context.

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Career Girls brings together hundreds of accomplished women working in cities across the United States — Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., St. Louis, Boston, New York City, Detroit, Atlanta, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and countries around the world. Through a series of videos, each role model shares the story of her career journey, in her own words and in an easily accessible format. What skills from her childhood does she still rely on today? What is a typical day like in her career? What obstacles has she overcome? Who are her heroes?

Our role models answer these questions and many others to provide an engaging and comprehensive look at wide-ranging careers. Role models also share favorite subjects in school, discuss the education they pursued to achieve their goals, suggest reasons to consider different careers, and offer helpful advice for getting there.

Career Girls places a focus on STEM fields, but our role models also represent careers in medicine, business and finance, public service, media and communications, education, law, food and nutrition, sports, arts and entertainment, and more — connecting academic studies with a real world context. These role models guide girls in learning more about careers they may already be interested in pursuing and many more they may not have known were even possible.

Teachers Change Lives

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