Which Career Is Right For Me?

What is this career like? What skills and education will I need? What is the pay?

If you’ve been inspired by watching role models on our site, then this is a great place to find everything you’ll need to know to prepare for a career like theirs.


Accountant career digital accounting ledgers on a blue screen with negative numbers in red and positive numbers in white
Actor stands on set in front of clapper board
Administrative assistant stands in a large open office building lobby holding papers and smiling to girls
Administrative Assistant
Female advertising and promotions manager leans over a table in a bright office to study advertisement options
Advertising & Promotions Manager
Aerospace engineer designed red and white space shuttle rocket launches into space against a blue sky and cloud
Aerospace Engineer
Female agricultural engineer with safety glasses holds a tablet and inspects a field of red ripened tomatoes
Agricultural Engineer
Computer Scientist circuit board close-up
AI and Computer Scientist
Anesthesiology Careers
Animator creates animation on computer screen
Announcer Career Image of microphone on stage
Anthropologist and Archeologist Studying Ancient Drawings
Anthropologist & Archeologist
Woman architecture student with an architect designing a model of an 8 story building with balconies
Art Director on set at photography shoot
Art Director
Artist painting flowers on a canvas
Astronaut working in outer space
Astronomer Career image of milky way stars in space
Female track athlete runs in her lane on dark blue track in late afternoon next to a field with green grass
Female athletic trainer works with a woman athlete carrying a blue ball across a field with green grass and trees in background
Athletic Trainer
Female attorney or lawyer in white shirt and black robe stands in front of Supreme Court building smiling at camera
Female audiologist in white coat adjusts a hearing aid on a girl's ear while inside of a bright doctors office room
Female auto mechanic in dark blue work shirt and smiles while standing under a car and using a wrench to fix a car
Automotive Mechanic
Biochemist & Biophysicist perform laboratory experiment in coats
Biochemist & Biophysicist
Biomedical Engineer Career Image Laboratory Test Tube Experiments
Biomedical Engineer
Broadcast Engineer working at audio mixer and computer
Broadcast Engineer
Camera Operator Career Image on Video Production Shoot
Camera Operator
Female chef in a white coat and hat smiles while leaning over a special desert and adds a small piece of green fruit
Chemical Engineer drawing a diagram
Chemical Engineer
Chemist performing lab experiment with beaker
civil engineer
Civil Engineer
Woman coach in orange jacket in front of exercise room
Female college administrator in orange sweater holds a black notebook in a crowd of other diverse faculty members
College Administrator
Female college professor stands in front of students in a university classroom with rows of wood grain front desks
College Professor
Woman community service manager from a nonprofit organization holds a folder and shakes the hand of a colleag
Community Service Manager
Female computer hardware engineer leans over desk to work on an electric circuit board project in an office
Computer Hardware Engineer
Computer Programmer Career Image of Data and Application Programming
Computer Programmer
Computer Systems Analyst in front of computer screens
Computer Systems Analyst
Woman conductor holds a baton above a podium to direct an orchestra playing from a composer's sheet music
Conductor Composer
Conservation Scientist takes soil sample
Conservation Scientist
Women construction managers with orange safety vests and hard hats hold notebooks and converse at a work site
Construction Manager
Curator discussing a painting in a museum
Dancer and choreographer career - female dancer leaping into the air on stage
Dancer Choreographer
Data scientist image of a computer screen with data visualization
Data Scientist
Database Administrator entering data into computer
Database Administrator
Dentist career - female dentist examines patient in dental chair
Female dietician in a white coat stands next to a table with a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables including a pineapple
Dietitians & Nutritionists
Economist holding a notebook
Editor Career - Female editor on the phone looking over a written manuscript
Electrical Engineer at electric panel
Electrical Engineer
Electronics Engineer solders circuit board
Electronics Engineer
Emergency Management Director
Emergency Management Director
Environmental Scientist examines soil sample with microscope
Environmental Scientist
Epidemiologist studies disease under magnifying glass
Executive career
Fashion Designer Career - woman with tape measure working with a dress on a mannequin
Fashion Designer
Film Editor Career - woman editing film in front of two video monitors
Film & Video Editor
Financial Analyst at work at a beige desk and talking on phone
Financial Analyst
Financial Manager
Financial Manager
Financial Sales Agent discusses finance with client
Financial Sales Agent
Fire Fighter standing in front of fire truck
Female athletic trainer holds a notepad inside of a gym and is writing notes about progress of athletes she trains
Fitness Trainer
Women Scientist studying vegetables.
Food Scientist
Fundraiser writes on board
Gastroenterologist diagram illustration of the intestines and gut highlighted in yellow and red over a human body
Geographer studies a world globe
Geologist Career Image of rock formation
Graphic Designer Career - woman designing graphics with stylus and two computer screens
Graphic Designer
Health & Safety Engineer inspecting a work environment
Health & Safety Engineer
Woman human resource manager shakes hands with new diverse group of employees around a white table with a cup of coffee
Human Resources Manager
Hydrologists Career image of water molecules
Industrial Designer Career - woman holding a stylus creating a design on an interactive screen pad
Industrial Designer
Industrial Engineer inspects factory equipment
Industrial Engineer
Woman industrial organizational psychologist discusses a strategy or problem with fellow workers in a company office
Industrial Organizational Psychologist
Industrial Production Manager stands in a warehouse
Industrial Production Manager
Information Security Analyst speaking in front of digital maps
Information Security Analyst
Woman insurance underwriter holds a notepad and pencil and speaks with a fellow worker to show her a question form.
Insurance Underwriter
Interior Designer Career - overhead view of furniture design layout in one bedroom apartment
Interior Designer
Woman doctor with a white coat and stethoscope around her collar stands smiling at the camera in a hospital with other physicians
Judge sitting in court room
Woman labor relations specialist smiles at camera and sits around a table with a diverse group of employees in a work setting
Labor Relations Specialist
Landscape architect designed gardens with colorful beds of flowers growing along a curved pathway of lush bright green grass
Landscape Architect
Woman legislator stands proudly on the outdoor marble steps of a government legislative building holding a briefcase
Librarian sharing a book with student.
Lodging Manager
Lodging Manager
Woman logistician in a black shirt stands on a shiny gray concrete floor in a colorful manufacturing facility holding a notebook
Woman management analyst in a white shirt stands in an office next to a computer monitor with graphs and charts and presents information to audience
Management Analyst
Marine Engineer taking notes in front of ship
Marine Engineer
Woman market researcher in black and white horizontally striped shirt stands in front of colorful charts and sticky notes
Market Researcher
Marketing Manager having a meeting with her team
Marketing Manager
Marriage & Family Therapist at work
Marriage & Family Therapist
Materials Engineer at laboratory workbench
Materials Engineer
Math career image of equations on chalkboard
Mechanical Engineer welding iron beams to build a structure support
Mechanical Engineer
Woman medical manager at a physician's office wearing a bright blue sweater and holding a laptop and smiling towards the camera
Medical Manager
Medical Physicist
Medical Physicist
Medical Scientists
Medical Scientist
Meteorologist Career image of radar weather pattern
Microbiologist examines molecules with a microscope in laboratory
Musician Career - young woman playing acoustic guitar and singing into a microphone in a recording studio
Neuroscience Careers
Nurse checking medical records
OBGYN Careers
Obstetrician & Gynecologist (OB/GYN)
Oceanographer Career image of underwater coral and fish
Oncology Careers
woman ophthalmologist inside a doctor's office a white coat adjusts a vision testing machine in front of a patient's eyes
Woman optometrist in a light blue shirt and white doctor's coat places new glasses onto a young smiling girls face next to her father
Woman orthotist prosthetist in light blue doctors shirt works with a patient in an exercise room to adjust his artificial leg
Orthotist & Prosthetist
Petroleum Engineer working on oil rig
Petroleum Engineer
woman pharmacist in light blue shirt and white pharmacy coat stands in front of shelves with colorful medicines while she fills a prescription
Photographer Career - woman taking photographs in photography studio
Female physical therapist in a blue uniform smiles at the camera and holds a green exercise ball in a treatment room with large window
Physical Therapist
Woman physicians assistant (PA) measures the blood pressure of a patient at a doctor's office wearing a purple sweater
Physician Assistant
Physicist Career image of electrical light streams from sphere
Female pilot in white uniform wearing light green headphones smiles as she sits with copilot in cockpit and flies plane
Woman podiatrist in bright blue shirt and white lab coat examines and compares two x-ray images of an injured foot
Woman police officer and detective smiles standing in her uniform next to her patrol car at night on a city street
Police and Detectives
Political scientist digital collage in gray and blue tones with a world globe, map grid, and mysterious coins
Political Scientist
Producer and Director Careers - Slate board on a darkened film production set
Producer & Director
Woman psychiatrist in light blue medical scrubs and white coat smiles at a patient and shows a recommended prescription
How to Become a Psychologist
Public relations specialist silver microphone attached to a black mic stand ready for an announcement to the audience
Public Relations Specialist
Pulmonologist looking at lung x-ray
Woman purchasing manager or buyer sits at a white office desk and uses a credit card to make a purchase for supplies
Purchasing Agent
Woman real estate appraiser wearing a gray suit stands in front of a modern home with solar panel roof and holds a notebook
Real Estate Appraiser
Woman real estate broker in blue button down shirt and light gray blazer holds a black notebook in front of a home and clients
Real Estate Broker
Young woman recreation worker leads a group of girls wearing orange life vests on a boat expedition on a freshwater lake
Recreation Worker
Reporter Career - woman with microphone reporting news in front of a street scene
Stainless steel robot with arm on a manufacturing assembly line
Robotics Engineer
Woman sales manager in a professional white shirt and navy jacker stands in a showroom and holds a clipboard in her hand
Sales Manager
Woman school counselor sits a school table and counsels a student about a problem she needs guidance about
School Counselor
Woman school principal in a blue shirt stands in a school hallway next to shiny blue lockers and holding a clipboard
School Principal
Woman social worker sits on a couch and converses with a girl to understand and help solve any problems in the family
Social Worker
Woman sociologist in navy purple shirt stands and smiles in front of a diverse group of fellow team members
Software Developer at computer designing an app program
Software Developer
Sonography Career - Female sonographer in blue uniform performs ultrasound on woman's neck
Sonographers & Cardiovascular Technologists
Sports Marketing Careers
Sports Marketer
Statistician analyzes data on charts
Stylist Career - woman styling a client's hair in front of a mirror
Surgery Careers
Woman teacher with glasses smiles and stands in front of a brightly painted green red and blue classroom of children
Female travel agent at her office desk in front of a large colorful world map smiles as she talks to a client an upcoming vacation
Travel Agent
Umpires Referee Careers
Umpire & Referee
Urban Planning Careers
Urban Planner
Veterinary Careers
how to become a Web Developer
Web Developer
Writer Career - woman writing in a notebook at a desk with a laptop computer
Zoologist & Wildlife Biologist