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Thank you so much for sharing, you were so inspiring, and you taught us so much! – Student at The Chapin School

On Monday via LinkedIn, a sweet woman named Autumn Becker reached out. She’s the Head of Middle School Science at The Chapin School. It’s an all girls school in New York, New York. Autumn shared that her 7th grade class (about 65 students) is on a virology unit. They discussed COVID-19, did a contact tracing exercise and….. watched some of my Career Girl videos!!!!! She said the class loved them; so she promised them that she’d try to find me online to ask if I could present to them. Of course, I agreed too!

Yesterday (Feb 4th), I presented on some of the topics from the videos and ended with a very interactive Q&A session. The girls asked questions specific to what they watched in the videos indicating that they truly paid attention to the content. We had a blast! Autumn plans on using more Career Girls videos in her curriculum. The teachers there have a mission that aligns closely with your organization. I promised her that I’d share this story with you to illustrate what can’t be expressed enough- how awesomely impactful you are!





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