Welcome to the 2022 Career Girls Cybersecurity Virtual Camp, presented in partnership with Deloitte. From October 19 – 21, campers learned from women experts in cybersecurity and information technology and explored how to protect computer systems and networks from data leaks, theft, and damage to hardware, software, and electronic data. Thanks to the generous support from Deloitte, campers received their own copy of Ella the Engineer and were eligible to win one of ten scholarships at the end of camp. Campers went on a cyber journey and explored the cybersecurity field and the different roles professionals play in this exciting industry. Campers built problem-solving skills from a cybersecurity perspective and developed a plan to help create a safe presence online.

Career Girls Virtual Camp: Cybersecurity Virtual Camp 2022

Watch this short video to enjoy camp highlights.

Role Model Experts

Deborah Golden

Principal, US Cyber & Strategic Risk Leader, Deloitte
Rosslyn, VA

Jayee Hegde

Principal, Deloitte
San Francisco, CA

Radhakrishnan Kousalya
Senior Manager, Deloitte
San Jose, CA

Michele Sipes
Principal, Deloitte
Arlington, VA

Sayo Martin
Managing Director, Deloitte
Los Angeles, CA

Nadia Gaboutou
Manager, Deloitte
Columbus, OH

Lynne Challender
Managing Director, Deloitte
Dallas, TX

Jennifer Mineer
Executive Director, My Digital TAT2
Palo Alto, CA

Debolina Sinha
Senior Manager, Deloitte
San Jose, CA

Stephanie Clark
Senior Manager, Deloitte
McLean, VA