Career Girls makes it easy to integrate access to role models for girls into everyday classroom experiences. Career Girls is a no-cost, high-quality platform that introduces girls to hundreds of inspiring role models and their careers. The Career Girls website is ad-free, keeping the focus on connecting girls with role models who can help them realize their potential, aim high, and discover their own path to empowerment.

With more than 600 role models working in hundreds of different careers, you may be wondering where to begin. There is lots to explore, and no one right way to use Career Girls. But a great place to start is with the Empowerment Lessons.

Teaching With the Empowerment Lessons

Career Girls has developed a special series of videos and educational resources called Empowerment Lessons. They are designed to support teachers in integrating lessons that encourage college and career readiness. Career-Based Empowerment Lessons are centered around career exploration, and Skill-Based Empowerment Lessons focus on key topics such as teamwork, confidence, communication, leadership, financial literacy, and the importance of integrity.

Each lesson centers around a short video clip that features real-world role models who share straight-to-the-point career insights and advice, making the lessons an ideal jumping-off point for meaningful and lasting learning experiences. These videos are paired with ready-to-use educational resources that build on essential concepts.

Empowerment Lessons are easy to use with the whole class, small groups, and individual students. To get started, just follow a few simple steps:

  1. Choose an Empowerment Lesson. Each Career Girls Empowerment Lesson video is about two minutes and focuses on a different topic. Review the video descriptions (or preview the videos). You can use the Empowerment Lessons in any order that best meets your students' needs.
  2. Download the Corresponding Resources. Each Empowerment Lesson has a corresponding Classroom Lesson Plan (see example), Independent Learning Guide (see example), and Fun Page Activity (see example).
  3. View the Video with Students. Use the Classroom Lesson Plan to introduce the video and guide a "before, during, and after" learning experience with students. Or, use the Independent Learning Guide for students who are working independently. (Note that this guide also works well to jumpstart lively discussions about the lesson topic with small groups or the whole class.) Have students complete the Fun Page Activity to connect what they're learning to their own lives.

For additional motivation use the "Positively Empowered!" Certificate. Pre-fill the printable Certificate with 10 Empowerment topics you'll be teaching, then print a copy for each student. Students can use the certificate to track their progress. You might plan a simple ceremony to award the certificates upon completion.

Teaching With the Career Exploration Tools

Along with ready-to-use Empowerment Lessons, Career Girls offers built-in career exploration tools to engage students in exploring careers, imagining the possibilities, and taking important steps to plan for their futures.

The free Career Quiz is a fun place to start. This quick and easy quiz helps girls discover careers that may be a match for their skills and interests, with links to role models who can help them learn more. Girls who are natural problem-solvers, for example, can meet Makeda Keegan, an IT Systems Manager. Makeda encourages girls not to be afraid of software and coding. More important than being good at math, she explains, is being "curious, enthusiastic, and thorough."

Your students can also explore by Career Clusters, such as STEM, Health Sciences, and Finance. Or, they can jump right into an A to Z tour of Careers and the Role Models who work in them — from an Accountant to a Zoologist.

College Majors are a great place to explore which courses might be required for degrees like Forensic Science, Film and Media, or Electrical Engineering. Each major is linked to related careers and each career is also linked back to related college majors.

Make sure your students are aware of our Student Resources. The printable resources promote independence, giving students tools they can use to set career exploration goals, examine careers more closely, and track their progress.

Use Our Teacher Resources

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We know that one of your many goals as an educator is to guide students on the path to a successful future. In support of this, research shows that women role models have a powerful and positive impact on girls, including their attitudes toward STEM fields. Wondering how to fit one more thing into a busy day? Career Girls can help.