Confidence collage painting activity for girls finished example

Confidence Collage

Confidence Collage

Topic: Developing Confidence

Empowerment Lesson Video: Be Confident


  • Canvas/Bristol board paper
  • Letter stickers
  • Paint
  • Brushes

Video Discussion:

Invite students to think about what it means to have confidence or to be confident. Have students 'turn and talk' with a classmate to share examples of how confidence has helped them succeed at something.

After watching the video Be Confident, ask your students the following questions:

  • Two people in the video say confidence is about believing in yourself. What does it mean to believe in yourself? What is one way you showed that today?
  • In the video, listeners learn that 'there's a lot of power in you being you.' Part of knowing who you are is understanding your strengths. If your friend listed three things you're really good at, what would they say?

Activity Instructions:

  1. Have your students think of positive words that describe them or things that they are good at doing. They may need help or prompting, but you may be surprised at how positively they already see themselves.
  2. Spell out words with the stickers. Place them all over the canvas in no particular order.
  3. Let the kids paint over the stickers on the canvas in whatever way they like. Suggest using paint that will match their room.
  4. When they are done painting, let it dry, then peel off the stickers. They will be left with a colorful art piece that has positive affirmations on how they see themselves.
  5. Encourage students to hang this canvas in their room or by a mirror to remind themselves to be confident.

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