DIY Bank Empowerment Activity

DIY Bank

DIY Bank

Topic: Financial Literacy

Empowerment Lesson Video: Financial Literacy

Basic Supplies:

  • Pringles tube – preferable for second through fifth graders
  • Mason jars – preferable for sixth through eighth graders

Cut open a coin-size rectangle in the center of lids beforehand; for the mason jars this can be done with a rotary tool, or pre-cut lids can also be purchased at craft stores.

Decorative Supplies – can vary based on resources:

  • Assorted colors construction paper
  • Stickers
  • Glue
  • Glitter and sequins
  • Pom-poms
  • Acrylic paint – if using mason jars
  • Markers and crayons
  • Feathers

Video Discussion:

Have students take turns sharing about things they would like to know about finances and financial literacy. After watching the video Financial Literacy, ask your students the following questions:

  • The first role model in the video said that financial literacy is the way you will be able to provide for yourself now and in the future. How can learning how to handle money now help you later on when you are an adult?
  • The third role model in the video said that it’s important to “be accountable for” or keep track of your money. What are good ways to keep track of the money you earn and the money you spend?

Activity Instructions:

Students will be creating their own bank to save up for something that they really want. It can be anything from buying a computer to saving for college. The point is to have a goal for something and start saving for it. Encourage students to write down whatever it is they want to save for on their DIY bank.

DIY Bank Empowerment Activity
DIY Bank Empowerment Activity Supplies
DIY Bank Empowerment Activity Finished Example
DIY Bank Empowerment Activity Finished Example 2