Morse Code Bracelet

Morse Code Bracelet

Topic/Theme: Importance of Math


  • String or cord
  • Round beads 
  • Long beads 

Video Discussion:

Tell students they will be watching the video Importance of Math. Explain that the video shows role models talking about the importance of developing positive attitudes when learning math.

After viewing the video together, invite students to share any new information they learned about math education e.g., ‘I liked the idea that I can think about math as a language. Thinking about math that way makes it easier for me to not be so afraid of it.'

Activity Instructions:

Create your bracelet spelling out your initials or brief message, using the Morse Code chart PDF printable: 

  1. Cut a very long piece of cord and tie a knot in the middle. Begin stringing your beads.
  2. When you are finished stringing your beads, tie another knot in the cord.
  3. Finish your bracelet by tying the two ends together to form a circle.