Picasso Selfie

Picasso Selfie

Topic: Visual Art Careers

Empowerment Lesson Video: Visual Arts Careers


  • Examples of works by Pablo Picasso (photos, books, PowerPoint)
  • Glue
  • Construction paper in various colors
  • Scissors (Optional)

Video Discussion:

Tell the students they will be watching the video Visual Arts Careers. Explain that the video presents role models talking about why the field of visual arts is a good career choice.

Invite students to note specific things they learned about the different visual arts careers featured in the video and to reflect upon their observations (e.g., “I liked when one role model said that women should consider a career in television and film because a lot of the time authentic women’s voices aren’t heard.”).

Activity Instructions:

  1. Give the students a brief introduction to Pablo Picasso and show examples of his work.
  2. Provide each student with one piece of blank construction paper to serve as a canvas.
  3. The students can draw images onto the paper directly, or create images on other paper that they can cut or tear and glue onto the canvas to create a Picasso portrait of themselves.