Resilience catcher group activity origami paper project for girls

Resilience Catcher

Resilience Catcher

Topic: Importance of Resiliency

Empowerment Lesson Video: Importance of Resiliency


  • Career Girls handout
  • Scissors
  • Markers in four different colors

Video Discussion:

Tell students they will be watching the video titled The Importance of Resiliency. Explain that the video presents role models talking about developing resiliency and its importance in their lives and careers.

After viewing, invite students to share specific things they noticed in the video about the meaning of the word resiliency e.g., “One leader said that resiliency comes from doing the hard thing. I think resiliency isn’t easy to develop. You have to just keep going and trying.”

Activity Instructions:

  1. Each student should have a handout and scissors.
  2. Have the students prepare their Resilience Catcher according to the instructions on the attached PDF printable handout.
  3. To play, divide students into groups of two. The first student will ask the second to choose one of the four colors used. The first student will then work the Resilience Catcher back and forth while spelling out the color. For example, if they choose BLUE you would work the Resilience Catcher four times.
  4. Keeping the Resilience Catcher open, have the second student pick a number, and the first student will work the Resilience Catcher back and forth according to the number.
  5. First student will open the flap on the Resilience Catcher and read the question inside for the second student to answer.
  6. Have the students trade roles so that everyone gets a chance to answer a question.
Paper template for printable origami resilience game for groups of girls
Resilience catcher group activity origami paper project for girls