Screen printing diy art project for careers in the arts

Screen Printing

Screen Printing

Topic: Visual Arts Careers

Empowerment Lesson Video: Visual Arts Careers


  • Transparent sheet protectors
  • Photos 
  • Washable markers
  • Paper

Video Discussion:

Tell the students they will be watching the video Visual Arts Careers. Explain that the video presents role models talking about why the field of visual arts is a good career choice.

Invite students to note specific things they learned about the different visual arts careers featured in the video and to reflect upon their observations (e.g., “I liked when one role model said that women should consider a career in television and film because a lot of the time authentic women’s voices aren’t heard.”).

Activity Instructions:

  1. Give each student a transparent sheet protector with a photo already inside.
  2. The students will trace the object in the photo over the sheet protector with the washable marker (be careful not to touch the ink on the sheet protector).
  3. Once the students have finished tracing, have them cover the sheet protector with a blank piece of paper.
  4. Have the students press down firmly on the paper, pressing it into the ink.
  5. When the paper is lifted the ink will have activated as a stamp and left the image on the blank paper.