Write and Pass Empowerment Activity

Write And Pass

Write And Pass

Topic: Writing Skills

Empowerment Lesson Video: Developing Writing Skills


  • Sheets of notebook paper
  • Pencils

Video Discussion:

Talk with students about how the ability to write well is a great communication tool they can put to use no matter what career they choose. Invite students to make a list of the joys and challenges of learning to write well.

After watching the video Developing Writing Skills, ask your students the following questions:

  • Different writers have different ways of working at their writing. Some writers like to write freeform, others use an outline. Some writers write in the morning, others write later in the day. Why do you think writers approach writing differently?
  • In the video, we learn that to be a good writer you have to be a good reader. Why would being a good reader help you become a good writer?

Activity Instructions:

Each student starts with a blank piece of notebook paper. Give them a set time to write an opening scene of a story before time runs out. When time is up, each student must cover their portion of the writing and pass it on to the next student, who will continue the story a little further. Continue this process until the papers have reached their original writer or until you instruct them to stop. Then, have each student read aloud the final version to see what crazy adventure their story became.