You Got What It Takes activity sheet to color in figure and explore careers

You Got What It Takes

You Got What It Takes

Topic/Theme: Importance of Work Experience


  • Handout from Career Girls
  • Pencil or pen
  • (Optional) Glue and material

Video Discussion:

Tell students they will be viewing the video Importance of Work Experience. Explain that the video presents role models talking about the benefits of early work-related experiences. Tell students that, as they view the video, they should listen for reasons the role models believe students should consider early work-related experiences.

Activity Instructions:

  1. Have the students choose a career that they find interesting and believe to be a good fit for them.
  2. Have them color, draw, or paste materials onto the handout figure to represent that career.
  3. Have the students list five tasks/responsibilities that a person in that career would perform.