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Creator Chat: Game Design & Animation

Click on the video to watch a full replay of this live program from October 6th, 2021.

Join our webinar host Lorena King, Live Events Producer, as she leads an expert panel with Tiana Los, a Senior Experience Designer at 343 Industries (Xbox’s Halo video game franchise); and Dawn Taylor, Lighting Designer on AAA titles at a major Japanese game company.

In Conversation With

Lorena King Advisor Career Girls
Lorena King, Creator Chat Host
Lorena King is a Live Events Producer working at a large tech company in Silicon Valley. She is passionate about education, equality, and her Latinx heritage. She graduated at the top of her class with a B.A. in Multimedia Communications from Academy of Art University. She is a U.S. Army veteran and her career has led to work in production, media, government, and tech. Lorena is in the process of establishing a non-profit organization that offers scholarships and mentoring to women and people of color.

Tiana Los
Tiana Los
Tiana Los is a Senior Experience Designer at 343 Industries, the developer of the Halo video game entertainment franchise. Working on the Transmedia Content Team she leads the website redesign of and is the user experience lead of the Halo Waypoint website and mobile app. With over seven years of experience in the video game industry, her work is a convergence of creative energy and passion. Teamwork, emphasizing users first, and design excellence are day-to-day pillars for Tiana and her team. Tiana is a voice for accessible content while leading efforts for representation and inclusivity. Her previous experience includes working across Azure Data, advertisement design, developing indie video games, designing and developing websites, art, music, and even hydroelectricity. Tiana thrives on the variety of work in Transmedia and the collaboration across the studio and Xbox, because every week there are exciting and new opportunities to impact fans. Curiosity and her drive to push boundaries means the best is yet to come.

Dawn Rivers Bio Headshot
Dawn Taylor
Dawn is a lighting designer working on AAA titles at a major Japanese game company. She began her career in lighting in the film industry, working at Pixar animation. A few years later, she followed her lifelong love of games and passion for real-time 3D cinematography, and made the leap into game development.

Dawn worked as a lighting artist on several major franchises, like Rock Band, Dance Central, Fantasia: Music Evolved, and Underworld Ascendant.

She loves the challenge of new experiences and mediums and has worked on several XR projects like the Ready Player One VR experience for WaveVR, 2018 Official Sundance Film Festival Selection – Chorus, and Rock Band VR.

Dawn and her family recently moved to Japan, living out a childhood dream of living in Japan and working for a Japanese game studio.