Ebony Payno

Ebony Payno

Ebony Payno, M.A. has been instrumental in assisting families since 2003. Ebony earned her master's degree in School Counseling at Clark Atlanta University and ignited her career with Fulton County Schools in 2006, where she has served as a counselor at various high schools in North and South Fulton County. Ebony also has extensive experience counseling students through C5 Georgia, CAU Upward Bound, and CAU and CSULB Educational Talent Search programs. She is also a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, ASCA, GSCA, NACAC, and is the founder of Succeed with DRIVE, a college and career readiness program.



Three things I have learned from Career Girls: “One, that women can do anything, two, never give up and three, we are strong, intelligent and we have the power to change the world by working in the fields that we are passionate about.” – Isobel, Student

“I really believe that people are all planted with the seed of I am here to do something great.” – Claudia Rinaldi, Career Girls Role Model