Shruthi Jayaram

Associate Partner, Dalberg Advisors

Shruthi Jayaram

Shruthi is Associate Partner at Dalberg Advisors, a strategy consulting firm focused on global justice. At Dalberg, Shruthi specializes in strategy and advocacy to advance gender equality, particularly via increasing women’s economic empowerment and addressing gender based violence. Examples of Shruthi's project portfolio at Dalberg include development of parts of the women’s economic empowerment strategy for the Gates Foundation, strategy development for gender norm change in the US, developing a landscape of domestic violence in the US, identifying investment opportunities to alleviate time poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, increasing women’s market inclusion in agriculture in Ethiopia/Tanzania/India/Nigeria, and strengthening antenatal access to nutrition for low income women globally. Her clients include non-profits, foundations, and corporations.

Shruthi holds a dual Master of Public Administration from Columbia University's SIPA and the National University of Singapore and a Bachelors in Economics from St. Stephen's College at the University of Delhi. She is the co-founder of The Gender Breakfast, a network for gender equality advocates and practitioners based in the Bay Area.


Three things I have learned from Career Girls: “One, that women can do anything, two, never give up and three, we are strong, intelligent and we have the power to change the world by working in the fields that we are passionate about.” – Isobel, Student

“I really believe that people are all planted with the seed of I am here to do something great.” – Claudia Rinaldi, Career Girls Role Model