Importance of Mentors

Diverse group of 5 women role models discussing the topic Importance of Mentors
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We’re not born with instructions on how to do what we want. That’s where the importance of mentors come in. Find out who mentors are and how they can help you achieve your dreams!

Fun Page Activity

Fun Page Activity: The mini-planner on this page can help you stay on track to reach three goals for the week (and develop strategies to go after even bigger goals!).

Discussion Guide

Independent Learning Guide: This all-purpose guide can be used by educators, parents, and mentors to jumpstart a lively discussion about the importance of mentors.

Classroom Lesson Plan

Classroom Lesson Plan: This step-by-step lesson plan is available to guide a more in-depth “before, during, and after” learning experience when viewing the “Importance of Mentors” video with students. This lesson plan is also suitable for use in after-school programs and other educational settings.

Empowerment Activities

Use Empowerment Activities as a fun way to reinforce the video topic and build community with your students.