Work Ethic

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Work Ethic (1:54)

“Your work ethic really comes down to determination and discipline. Those are the two things that I think you need…”

Role models in order of appearance: Jen Cohen, Kristi Matus, Pamela Meanes, Noelle Bowlin, Janey Andrews Pratt, Nat Whalley, and Courtney Danielle.

Video Transcript

Work ethic is a really important part of succeeding in your career.

Your work ethic really comes down to determination and discipline. Those are the two things that I think you need to, to have that. And it means that you wake up every morning knowing what you have to accomplish, and you work absolutely hard to deliver your best product. Whatever it is that you’re tasked with doing, whether it’s a homework assignment or doing the dishes, you do it with determination, and you give your best work product out there every day. That’s what a good work ethic is about.

Nothing is a substitute for working hard and giving of yourself. And it is the ability of you saying that you won’t give up on the person that you’re helping, and you won’t give up on yourself.

We build our integrity as we grow and learn in life, in school, and all aspects of life. And you can’t build your personal integrity, you can’t build the respect that people will have for you, unless you work hard.

The way to develop a work ethic is– really is through practice. You know, in– when you’re in school, it’s doing your homework, and in your group projects, really contributing. In your work life, it’s making sure that the things that you’ve said you’re gonna do at work, you do.

When you’re in school, sometimes you’ll take classes you don’t like. And the key is to continue to work hard in those classes and do well in them even if you don’t like them, and maybe more if you don’t like them because it’s gonna be harder for you to do the work in that class that you don’t like.

And, actually, you can learn anything if you try really hard at it. And some things will come easier to you, and some things will come harder. But that, I think, is my tip for having a good work ethic is, you can do it, so just keep trying.

That is what is going to excel you and propel you into the place that you want to be as an adult. So you have to work hard. Working hard is essential to getting to where you want to be.

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