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President CEO Sonya Garcia Ulibarri - Business Management & Administration Cluster
Executive Producer Devin Cook - Business Management & Administration Career Cluster
60 Seconds With Film Producer Stephanie Bell
Tech Manager, Elizabeth Kalitsiro,
60 Seconds With Entrepreneur Ernestina Appiah
60 Seconds With Marketing Manager Amie Vaccaro
60 Seconds With Game Developer Artist Dawn Rivers
60 Seconds With Community Affairs Director Elaine Torres
60 Seconds With Television Executive Kim Carver - Business Management, Media & Communications
60 Seconds With Media Relations Professional Nicole Vicino
60 Seconds With Social Entrepreneur Elaha Mahboob, Computer Science and ICT Career Cluster
60 Seconds With Physician Entrepreneur
60 Seconds With STEM Director Amanda Martinez, Business & Management Career Cluster
60 Seconds With Executive Chef Carrie Shores
60 Seconds With Pediatrics Professor Ann-Christine Nyquist, M.D.
60 Seconds With Biotech CEO Pam Randhawa
Silicon Valley Insights
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In Front of the Camera Playlist
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