Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

Topic: Stress & Anxiety

Empowerment Lesson Video: Stress & Anxiety


  • 6” embroidery hoops
  • Glue
  • Yarn - various textures and colors
  • Decorative craft flowers
  • Scissors

Video Discussion:

Tell students they will be watching the video titled Stress and Anxiety. Explain that the video presents role models talking about smart ways to handle stressful or anxiety-producing situations.

After viewing the video, have students share some of the ways that they learned about managing stress and anxiety.

Activity Instructions:

  1. Wrap yarn around the embroidery hoop to cover it. Add a dab of glue when finished to secure.
  2. Tie a piece of yarn at the top of your hoop and begin to create the catcher by wrapping the yarn in different directions on the outside of the loop. Repeat with as many pieces of yarn as you like to create your web design.
  3. Cut out lengths of yarn for your hangings - make them whatever length you like, keeping in mind that the yarn will be folded over.
  4. Add your yarn hangings to the bottom of the dreamcatcher by looping the lengths over the hoop and knotting.
  5. Decorate your dreamcatcher by gluing on craft flowers.

*Adapted from www.hellowonderful.co.