Career Girls television and movie director role model Renee Hill Sweet profile photo
Renee Hill-Sweet

2nd Asst. Director

How to Become A: Producer & Director


Watch Renee Hill-Sweet, 2nd Assistant Director on “Finding Carter”, share how she enjoys a wonderful career behind the camera on scripted television shows and movies. As a 2nd Assistant Director, she helps coordinate and organize everything that goes on behind the camera while filming. Some of the fun projects she has worked on over the course of her career include the movies “Dream Girls”, “Norbit” and “Yes Man”. On television she has worked on “Single Ladies”, “The Practice”, “Halt and Catch Fire” and many others. You can see all of her projects by searching for her on the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB). She encourages girls to think about careers behind the camera because that’s where the creative control and power behind what we see resides.

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