Tish Scolnik a Mechanical Engineer and Entrepreneur - Grit.
Tish Scolnik


How to Become A: Executive , Mechanical Engineer


Watch Tish Scolnik a Mechanical Engineer and Entrepreneur who started a company called Grit. Her company makes all-terrain, mountain bike-type wheelchairs for people with disabilities. The most rewarding thing about her work is helping people with something that she created. As an engineer, she says there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing something she designed and created change someone’s life. For example, using Grit’s Freedom Chair, Jeremy was able to go to the beach and go fishing. Tish says girls should consider a career in engineering and entrepreneurship because you get to use your skills and ideas – and being your own boss is pretty cool! Her advice to girls is: You can be anything you want to be. You can leave your mark on the world.

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