Non-Profit CEO Brenda Darden
Brenda Darden Wilkerson

Non-Profit CEO


Watch Brenda Wilkerson, President and CEO of, an organization elevating the conversation around women in high tech. In her role, she focuses on both helping women realize careers in tech, as well as helping tech companies create cultures that are welcoming to women. Her advice to girls is don’t ever let people talk you out of who you are, do not take what the nay sayers say as proof of anything. Look down inside yourself, decide who you want to be, and then find the people who will help you be that. Knock on the doors until they open for you, because eventually they will. Brenda thinks girls should consider a career in computer science, because women and girls are inherently problem solvers. They multitask in everything they do, and multitasking is problem solving. They can problem solve with computer science.

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