social entrepreneur
Gabriela Rocha

Social Entrepreneur

How to Become A: Executive , Computer Programmer


Watch Gabriela Rocha, Partner and Mexico Executive Director of Laboratoria, share why she became a social entrepreneur and how her organization is transforming young women's lives by teaching them to code and preparing them for high paying tech careers as developers. These women typically come from low income and under-resourced communities, where they have not received much support or encouragement. At Laboratoria, they begin to take on new challenges, and after initial apprehension, they soon discover that they can learn to code and so much more. Gabriela loves seeing the confidence blossom in the women as they succeed and thinks all girls should consider a career in social entrepreneurship if they want to make positive change in the world. She was recently honored with her organization by winning $125,000 award from MIT’s Inclusive Innovation Competition in 2016.

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