Molecular Biology Major | El Camino College

Q&A: Molecular Biology Major – Alma R (2:24)

“My major is molecular biology. I chose this major because it’s so interesting to learn how cells work and how these molecules in the cells give you your whole you and your whole body and makes you different from other animals. Science, technology, engineering, and math majors are really rewarding. Hard but rewarding.”

Why College

Girls should go to college because it’s a good way to expose yourself to other subjects outside your interest and also make new friends from different countries. It also helps you with critical thinking, which is something we need in our everyday life. The way you answer a question in class or even studying for a test requires you to think critically in how are you going to achieve that and your end result.

What I Love About College

Having the freedom to know what you want to study. I get to take the classes. I like to take in the subject that I chose, which is science. I also find new interest in college that I wasn’t even aware of before when I was growing up.

Choosing a College

Going to campus stores, that really helps you see the college and see the environment and see if you’re going to be happy in that environment. Also, when there’s university fairs at schools, visit them and ask them questions that you want to know about that college.

Choosing a Major

The classes that you might be interested in, if you’re not sure what it is, still take the class and explore it. If you were to pick a major that you weren’t happy with, it is okay to keep exploring and taking classes to see what fits you the best.

Freshman Survival Tips

Don’t leave anything till the last minute. Make sure you manage your time wisely. That way, it’ll help you study and not cram for an exam. I try to schedule my studying in little segments throughout my week. Once I learn something, I’d like to teach it to other people. That way, it really stays with me.

Advice for Girls

It’s okay to make mistakes. You learn from those mistakes. That way, you don’t make them again. And so always believe in yourself. And go out there. Do what you like. Don’t worry about too much what other people think. Just do what you like and pursue your dreams.

Last Words

Science rocks.