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Adaeze O | El Camino College | College Advice Series

Q&A: Molecular Biology Major – Adaeze O (2:17)

“I am a molecular biology major at El Camino College. I get to learn about different aspects of life, whether it be from plants, by animals and most importantly, by humans.”

Why College

By going to college, it allows you to be in a place that is there to administer your growth and there to to build upon that desire that you have to build upon your dreams, to push you, to lift you up higher, to truly encourage you and show you that whatever it is that you want to attain, that it’s not impossible.

Freshman Survival Tips

You definitely want to be open. It’s much easier when you’re around people. You don’t want to just start taking classes. You want to meet with an adviser because they’re the ones who will outline the classes that you’ll be taking that semester or the semesters ahead. The GPA is an important thing for a graduate school. Start off slow and build your way up. Definitely step out. There are clubs; there are different organizations around your campus where you can meet new people and build on that resume, which is important for grad school or whatever it is that you have in mind to go into after college.

Finding Your Community

When you go to college, definitely find that community where you can grow, where you can be around people who are like-minded like you. And through this community, which is Mesa, I was able to meet people who work hard, who are persevering, who have gone through challenges. It’s helping me to build on that confidence. It’s helping me to step out of my comfort zone.

Paying for College

Through the school that I’m currently at, I’m not only having my tuition being paid by financial aid, but I’m also saving money through it. I am also applying for scholarships. Scholarships, free money. You definitely want to take advantage of these free opportunities. So when I was in high school, I met a wonderful lady, and through her I was able to find out scholarships like the Sandpipers Scholarship, the band scholarship, there’s a McDonald’s scholarship even.

Be Open to Opportunities

You should be open to the different opportunities that are out there. Don’t be quick to say no; don’t be quick to toss things aside even if they don’t go in accordance with what you may have planned. Do things that are outside of your comfort zone.

Last Words

Be fearless.