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Q&A: Pharmacy & Clinical Science Major – Damola B (2:51)

“I have two majors. My major is pre-pharmacy, and the second one is clinical science. The reason why I love pharmacy, I chose that major, is because over time, I’ve been in the science and the medical field, and I’ve found that I love to care for patients and client, however, I think more about the effect of all these medication in their body, why is it not working, so I ended up deciding to go for that career because knowing the particular medication for a client or for the patient is better, makes them healthier.”

Why College

Education is, well, what this country is today, and that’s why we need more and more people like you, like me to be there. We have so many males [main?] there, but they need people like us because they feel that we’re weak. You got to tell them you’re not. You are stronger and better, and you can do more than anyone can ever imagine, and when you’re educated, the sky’s your limit.

Choosing a Major

Make sure you know your passion. The things that you love to do should actually predetermine your major because along the line, education, anything is life is kind of challenging, but it is the passion that you have for that thing that you love to do that keeps you going. It gives you the energy like, “Yes, I can do it. I won’t give up.” You don’t want to put all your eggs in a basket. You have to open up your mind because you never can know what you’re going to like later. You might like medicine now, and over time, probably in the process of taking microbiology, it’s like, “Oh my God, it’s so exciting seeing this bacteria come to life using different Gram stains and all that.”

Freshman Survival Tips

Come to school a day before and try to see if you can talk with your instructor. Get to know your instructor. It’s very important because sometimes, this instructor don’t know what you’re going through. Make sure you see your advisor too. Concurrently, make sure you also talk with your counsellor just to update your career goals and classes and all that. If you have issues, if you have challenges, talk to your instructor. That’s why I say you need to get to know them.

Advice for Girls

Stay focused. There’s so many distractions out there. Think about getting a book and read at least one book every day. The purpose of opening that book and getting stuck to the book and read, it actually stimulates you to be focused on what you’re doing. Psychologically, you get to focus paying attention to a particular thing. Now, not just on the book, on things around because so many things happen around you, and you can easily be distracted. When you’re focused and you know what you want to do, you can basically just do everything in life.

Last Words

Nothing is impossible.