Financial Literacy

Diverse women role models smiling beneath the words Financial Literacy
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This video is all about money: how to make it, spend it, and save it.

What do you want? What do you need? Understanding what you want and what you need is a big part of learning about finances. Finance has to do with how people manage money, and the role models in this video share some good advice about managing your money. Whether it’s birthday or babysitting money, you'll learn that putting some of it away will pay off later. (You might even discover that you'd enjoy a career in finance so you can manage other people's money!)

Use the Resources here to learn more about how to make your earnings grow.


Fun Page Activity

Fun Page Activity: Do you need or want books for school? How about a smart phone? You’ll have fun with this activity deciding which things you need, and which you want. It’s not always easy to decide, and the good news is, there are no wrong answers!

Discussion Guide

Independent Learning Discussion Guide: Watch the “Financial Literacy” video, then use this guide to discover how learning more about money now can help you in the future. This all-purpose guide can also be used by educators, parents, and mentors to jumpstart a lively discussion about making, spending, and saving money.

Classroom Lesson Plan

Classroom Lesson Plan: This step-by-step lesson plan is available to guide a more in-depth “before, during, and after” learning experience when viewing the video with students. This lesson plan is also suitable for use in after-school programs and other educational settings.

Empowerment Activity

DIY Bank: Use this Empowerment Activity to reinforce the corresponding video topic or theme and build teamwork and community within your Career Girls Club.