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Michelle F college experience biology major

Q&A: Biology Major – Michelle F (2:01)

“I’m here at El Camino College studying biology to become a veterinarian. I want to become a veterinarian because I love helping animals, and I’ve seen how they have helped me either being emotional companions, and when I was younger, I really struggled to read by myself. So by going outside and hanging out with my dog, I learned that animals are really my safe place.”

Why College

You should go to college because knowledge is power, and it’ll help you achieve your dreams and be able to do whatever you want in your life. I get to learn about biology, and animals, and ecosystems, which really excites me. I get to learn about the different phylums of animals, and I get to learn about their anatomy. So when you go to college, you’ll be able to finally learn about what you want to learn about.

Study Tips

I like to study at coffee shops. I find it very distracting to study at home. So I think studying at coffee shops really sets me in the mood to study. And I know if I’m there, I have to work.

Freshman Survival Tips

For your first semester in college, I would recommend drinking a lot of water. Don’t drink just coffee because then you’re going to feel really bad.

Managing Money

Definitely budgeting for like school and books is very important, but also remember to budget to keep some fun in your life, so you can also make sure you have some funds set away for maybe a friend’s birthday party or going to the movies with some friends, or sometimes you can treat yourself with a nice lunch off campus.

Advice for Girls

I would tell any young girl, don’t think that you’re less than. Know that you’re worth it. Know that you’re smart and you’re capable. If you can’t get something the first time around, try again. Don’t give up because your dreams are achievable.

Last Words

Be strong. Be courageous and fight for your education.