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Cynthia G College Experience Animal Science Major

Q&A: Animal Science Major – Cynthia G (1:57)

“I’m an animal science major, and I want to dedicate the rest of my life to helping animals.”

Why College

In your future, you can be independent, and be able to work for the rest of your life doing something that you love, and you’re happy because what really matters in this life is that you do something you’re happy with.

Why Community College

Going to college has helped me save money, and grow as a person, and figure out really what I want to do before putting myself into a university where not really be sure what I want to do.

Paying for College

Don’t let finances be a burden for you not to go to college. There’s so many ways that you can be financially ready to go to college. So look for a job here on campus, and that’s how I got myself through college. I recommend once you go to college that you apply for federal work study. With federal work study, you basically are applying for a job on campus, and that is really good because not only can you be on campus where you’re studying, and then you’re just going to work.

Tips to Save Money

Open a savings account and put that money, especially federal work study money that you receive or financial aid. That money is meant for you to study. I recommend that you save that money.

Freshman Survival Tips

Seek help, go to office hours, network with people in your class. It’s so important that you can balance your school life with your social life.

Advice for Girls

It’s important that you go to college because in the future, you want to feel like you’ve accomplished something. So you need to make the decision, go to college, get a career that you’re happy with, and you can depend on yourself and nobody else.

Last Words

Never give up.