San Francisco Gives Back

Things Every Girl Should Know

This video features all of the women role models Career Girls filmed at DAE Advertising, San Francisco in 2018. They share advice on how to find your path, be resilient, the importance of integrity and how to empower yourself.


Feature role models in order or appearance.

Monica Moya, Nicole Civitello, Ritu Mathur, Abusheri Ohwofasa, Julie Rems Smario, Lauren Spencer, Brenda Darden Wilkerson, Kendra McKinley, Carol Tang, Gracie Mercado, Tanya Peterson, Leiasa Beckham, Christina Nguyen, Marisa Rodriguez, Niki Solis, Julie Soo, Lilan Kane, Lois Vossen, Hydra Mendoza, Louise Cousins, Joanne Pasternack, Amanda Folendorf, Mercedes Gibson, Jessica Buchleitnor