Los Angeles Gives Back

Los Angeles Women Role Models Give Advice

Things Every Girl Should Know: Los Angeles

Role models from our Los Angeles video shoot at YouTube Space LA share advice on how to be an empowered girl.

(7:43 Run Time) In order of appearance: Jacquelyn Sims, Sahar Jahani, Thyonne Gordon, Irene Kleinbauer, Diana Skaar, Bettina Sherick, Odalys Nanin, Mallory Lefland, Michelle Kelly, Anya Adams, Christine Simmons, Veronie Steele-Small, Rebecca Peabody, Marion Kuszyk, Desa Larkin-Boutté, Penny Wirsing, Stephanie Troncoso, Melissa Rous, Linda Duguay, Kim Williams, Nandi Bowe, Eileen Rivera, Sadie Yarrington, Jaime Catchen, Leah Lehmbeck, Laura Karlin, Jamila Glass