Kinesiology Major | University of San Francisco

My College Experience | University of San Francisco Student Danielle M | Career Girls Role Model

Q&A: Kinesiology Major – Danielle M (1:46)

“I’m a kinesiology major. I chose this because I plan to go into the medical field. This covers the premed requisites, so it’s easier to just have that as a backup plan for if I want to do PA school, whether I want to go into graduate school.”

What I Love About College

It’s a different experience entirely from living with a big family and coming from a small area, a suburban area, to a big city like San Francisco. It’s a lot of fun. It feels really good to have that independence.

Choosing a Major

Come with what you’re most passionate about. If that’s going to med school, if that’s going into film, just pick one that fits best for your personality, and then don’t worry about it because you can probably change it anyways.

Freshman Survival Tips

Making sure you have a microwave, a fridge, and definitely a rice cooker too because those really come in handy when you’re just too lazy to go out and get food. Making sure that you can connect with your academic advisors, a go-to person to just vent to would really help you because you’re going to stress, and it’s going to feel like the end of the world, but as long as you have someone to go to, it makes it a whole lot easier.

Advice for Girls

Allow yourself to have new experiences, push yourself to go out and make friends, try new things. Don’t lock yourself up in your dorm room. You’re going to find the group who’s going to make your school feel like home. Once you find the connection, you start to realize that, all right, you can get through it. It’s going to be okay. And with every day, it gets easier, and you start to drive through those friendships.