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Denise G College Experience Microbiology Major
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Q&A: Microbiology & Environmental Science Major – Denise G (2:49)

“I am a double major in microbiology and environmental science. I love the environment and I also like microbiology. And bringing those two together really is what I want to study. I think any 10- or 13-year-old girl should be interested in STEM and pursue it because science is fun, and there’s always something new to discover.”

Why College

Any girl should consider going to college because education is so valuable and priceless. No one can take that away from you. You can lose anything but your education.

What I Love About College

The best part about going to college is the experience, the friends that you make, the teachers that you connect with, the kinds of– well, in science, the kinds of experiments that you get to do. In chemistry, for example, or biology, you get to dissect things and look at plants and look at them up close in a microscope. Or chemistry, you get to mix chemicals. It’s really fun.

Choosing a College

Finding the right college is important because you want to find a college that has the right environment for you to study in. You also want to find a college that has the resources and the opportunities to do research, for example, or if you want hands-on experience and classes. Class sizes are also important. Got to find what works for you.

Choosing a Major

Choosing a major’s the most exciting part about college because you probably will change it more than once, but it always gets defined into finding something that you love that you can pursue. Find your passion because it will be your motivation. There’s no right one for just one person. So you can love more than one thing and make it work for you because at the end of the day, it’s your career, your future, and your job.

Freshman Survival Tips

One of the many ways to survive in college would be to prepare your meals to bring lunch to school. So it’s one less thing to worry about. And also bring a water bottle and refill it so that you stay hydrated because it’ll help you focus better and you’ll do much better in school.

Advice for Girls

Saving money is really important when you’re in school because it’s so easy to just spend it on food or something else, but it’s also good to reward yourself. And rewarding yourself also keeps you motivated to continue getting those good grades like the A’s. So if you want new shoes, you got to reward yourself. Save money, [but get?] those A’s, too. If you don’t want to live a basic life and you want to wake up doing what you love every single day, then you should definitely go to college.

Last Words

Don’t give up.