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What do you say when your friend is feeling sad? What do you do when you see a neighbor struggling with heavy groceries or having trouble mowing their lawn? These are excellent opportunities to show empathy by putting yourself in their shoes!

Fun Page Activity

Empathy Fun Page Activity – What does someone say when they are being empathetic? Use this activity to think about the language of empathy and how you can use words to be more empathetic in your own life.

Discussion Guide

Independent Learning Discussion Guide: This all-purpose guide can also be used by educators, parents, and mentors to jumpstart a lively discussion about what it means to be confident.

Classroom Lesson Plan

Classroom Lesson Plan: This step-by-step lesson plan is available to guide a more in-depth “before, during, and after” learning experience when viewing the video with students. This lesson plan is also suitable for use in after-school programs and other educational settings.