Chemical Engineering Major | El Camino College

My College Experience | El Camino College Student Ksenia A | Career Girls Role Model

Q&A: Chemical Engineering Major – Ksenia A (2:09)

“My major is chemical engineering. I picked my major because I already knew I was into chemistry a while ago. And then my high school physics teacher actually came up to me and said I should be an engineer just because I can apply things to the outside world. And engineering is more about that.”

Why College

Girls should go to college because they need to have a strong academic background to be strong in the job market. And it’s nice to have applied knowledge that you can have in your daily life.

What I Love About College

I think the best part about being in college is having people that want to do the same things as you and being able to have mentors like your teachers that can potentially change your career path. There are a lot of hosted meetings, gatherings. There’s a bunch of clubs that you can join.

Choosing a Major

If you know anybody that’s about that age to be in college or has been in college, I think it’s good to talk to a person who’s just recently been out. And they can help you make the decision of what classes you need to take or where you should go.

Choosing a College

I don’t think there’s necessarily a right college to go to. I think you just need to go to a college and at least get a start. And if you find something that you like, then you can just end up transferring or going there somehow.

Freshman Survival Tips

To survive your first semester, you got to come prepared, of course. Get a good amount of sleep. You got to eat well, make friends, and then make some study groups with them. And definitely, go talk to your teachers.

Advice for Girls

I think the most important thing to keep in mind is there is no rush. It’s okay to take your time. You may even feel like there’s some financial burden that needs to be alleviated, but it’s okay to take an extra year and have peace of mind and just be comfortable.

Last Words

Believe in yourself.