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Q&A: Biology Major – Lauren B (2:57)

“I chose my major to be biology because I always knew I was interested in the life sciences. In my younger school years, I always perform best in the life sciences, so I thought I would just expand upon that in college. And so far it’s gone pretty well.”

Why College

You should consider going to college because it gives you the opportunity to learn so much about yourself that you may not have realized before. You may learn what you’re good at, what you’re not so good at. And you learn about what you want your life to be about. And that may include your career goals, what you love, your hobbies. So many things that you can identify about yourself that college helps you to understand.

Choosing a Major

When I chose my major, I chose it based upon my interests and my likes. So I think that’s something that can help you choose your major is just to think about what you’re most interested in. Or think about what you think you might want to become more interested in, and I think that will help you make the right choice in choosing your major.

My Future Goal

In the future, I would like to become a medical doctor. I’ve always wanted to be a medical doctor. And I think specifically my family’s experiences helped me to choose this particular profession that I’m interested in. My grandmother is a survivor of breast cancer. And after I saw her journey and her recovery, it really made me interested in learning about different conditions, diseases, and how I can help those who need it most to recover from those conditions and live their best life.

Why Spelman College

Three things that I love most about Spelman are: the sisterhood, the tradition, and the relationships that I’ve been able to build. I’ve been able to find strong mentors. And everyone on this campus is invested in my success, and I think that’s really special about this campus.

What I Love About College

The best part about being in college is being able to learn about what I’m passionate about. I think these past four years have really taught me a lot about myself, my likes and dislikes, as well as my strengths and my weaknesses. And I think I’ve learned how to use those to my advantage to really learn what I’m passionate about and what I want my purpose to be in life.

Freshman Survival Tips

Sometimes it is hard not to compare yourself to others because they seem like they’re doing something that’s so wonderful and may be so hard for you to attain yourself. But you have to understand that your own unique qualities make you who you are and make you special. So they can work to your advantage to attain something that nobody else will be able to do, and that makes you special.

Advice for Girls

My advice to you would be to never give up. There would be times where you want to throw the towel in and not revisit things, but it is so important that you keep pushing because there are only going to be more times in life where it’s difficult to overcome or push through. You’ll be proud of yourself once you actually reach that goal.

Last Words

Dream big.