Chemistry & Biomedical Engineering Major | Spelman College

My College Experience | Spelman College Student Miranda M | Career Girls Role Model

Q&A: Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering Major – Miranda M (3:30)

“My major is chemistry, dual degree biomedical engineering, and I chose this major because I really wanted to help solve biological problems with technical solutions.”

Why College

It’s very important to go to college to receive a higher education. You want to be able to leave an impact on your community and your world. You can only do that with proper degrees to help you get there. In a world that’s getting so fast, everything is online, you need to be two steps ahead. With the world constantly changing, with media on the rise, people want to be YouTubers and Instagram famous instead of going to school. However, it is that much more important that people, especially women, get college degrees. That higher learning really separates you from everyone else, and allows you to have your agenda the way you want it. That’s why it is so important to get a college degree.

What I Love About College

What I like about college is the complete freedom that I have, to choose what type of person I want to be, how I want to help my community and my world, and what exactly I want to get done while I’m at school. It also gives me the opportunity to really discover, myself, what I like and what I don’t like.

Challenges of College

I have faced some challenges while I have been in college. One of those is just having harder classes. With freedom comes responsibility. It’s on you to study on your own time, go to teachers’ office hours for help, so I think it’s very important to make friends who have the same goals as yourself. If you make those friends, they will keep you on task, they will help you study, and they will be your support system.

Why Spelman College

I love Spelman because Spelman is the number one historically black college in the country. The sisterhood here is unmatched any other place I’ve ever known. No other place is going to nourish my necessities as an African American woman other than Spelman.

Freshman Survival Tips

Make sure you enjoy yourself while you’re in school and love every moment of it. All the study sessions, the late nights, love the tests, but also love the little moments that you strengthen a bond with your friends. It is very important to have a work-life-school balance. Make sure you balance your studying sessions with the times that you have fun, with the times that you, maybe, talk to teachers, with self care. Time management is key in college, and you will use time management skills for the rest of your life.

Last Words

Say yes to more opportunities.