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Q&A: Computer Science Major – Breanna F (2:37)

“My major is computer science. I chose this major because my dad, he’s really into the building and doing coding and stuff. I got into the field because of him.”

Why College

I think you should go to college because it’s very important to build your education and your knowledge for whatever career you choose to be. It’s really important, even though it seems like it’s just another year of school and so boring. But if you pick a field you’re really interested in, it shouldn’t be that boring to you.

What I Love About College

Getting to explore new things and having that free time to do that, but also doing hard work and actually doing what you want to do instead of feeling like, “Oh. I’m just taking this class because I have to.” Also getting to network a lot, meeting new people that you can later contact in the future to help you out.

Choosing a Major

I would say you should consider computer science because there’s so many things you could do with the field. You could be an FBI agent, which is what I want to do. And it’s really interesting. Or if you’re really into gaming, you could build your own game, and people can play it. And it’s really satisfying.

Preparing for College

Some ways to prepare yourself for college is to do your research about the cost, your major. Make sure you know what major you want to do. Even if you don’t know, you can even go to college and still be undecided. And college can help you figure out what you want to do.

Freshman Survival Tips

Making a group chat or even making a study group is very beneficial, because if you study by yourself, you easily get sidetracked. Also making a planner. That’s what I have to do for my class, and it’s really helpful. Get to plan out your classes, whatever you’re doing in your social life. Or if you’re working, you get to plan that out too. I would suggest that you definitely try doing the First-Year Experience. That’s the program I’m in. And they’re very helpful. You get your own personal counselors. You get to see them anytime. You get to use their room as a study room. And they really suggest you on a lot of things and different groups and programs.

Advice for Girls

Women should go to college because there’s a male dominance in the big careers, just like computer science, like me. And I feel like you should go to college and prove to them, “Hey, we can do it the same way you guys can.” I think it’s very important for more women to get involved into computing. Computing is way too important to be left to men.

Last Words

Think creatively.